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Jake's Brownie Point Mar-G FDJ
(Sundance's Cajun Jake MH x Saddle Up Odyssey Von Bess)
   Mar-G is a "small but mighty" female who is a pleasure to own. She was flown here as a pup from Fargo, North Dakota. Her bloodlines are some of the best Hunt Test Lines to be found anywhere. Some of the finest dogs names are to be found in her pedigree including DC Kurzhaar's Ruger V Haven SH, Doc VD Westwind MH, Jacob VD Westwind MH, however, none are more famous then the inducted Hall of Fame dog named Hillhaven's Hustler. 
   Gee is over 12 years old now but she was elegant in the field and a true joy to hunt behind, always wanting to please her owner/handler. She has a disposition that is unmatched.  Basically, Gee is the true description of a fine Upland Game hunting Companion.
   Gee has an extremely quiet manner, is always keen to please and tackles any tasks that are asked of her as evidenced by her will to hunt birds all day, retrieve birds from frigid temperature waters, dock dog jump or pull skiers on cross-country skis. She won our Invitational Shoot in 2015 with 17 entries!
   Mar-G delivered so many talented puppies and she is now over 12 years old - our farm Matriarch and "Grandma" to so many puppies.  Her greatest qualities are being passed along by her daughters and granddaughters, our current and forever breeding females.